Original Title: PYL
English Title: DUST
Running Time: 107
Format: digital (DVD)

Director: Sergei Loban
Producer: Mikhail Sinev
Production company: SVOI-2000
Script: Marina Potapova
Photography: Dmitri Model

Cast: Aleksey Podolsky, Petr Mamonov, Dmitri Pimenov, Psoi Korolenko, Aleksei Ageev, Larisa Piatnitskaya, and others

Premiere: Moscow, June 2005
Festivals: Moscow International Film Festival 2005 (Diploma of the Jury of Russian Film Critics); Open Film Festival of CIS and Baltic countries KINOSHOK, Anapa, September 2005 (Best film in Digital Format)

The genre of the film DUST could be called fantastic realism or existential drama with elements of the fantastic. Dust means the haste in which people live. Dust is a common misconception, the natural clogging up of the brain. Specks of dust how scientists perceive people, scientists who think they know more than anyone else about the universe.

Sergei Loban was born in Moscow in 1972. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Maths. In 1995, he organised with friends a club in a derelict basement near the Moscow River which, for two years, functioned as the epicentre of non-official culture. In 2001 the independent Belarusian newspaper Navinki invited Sergei and his creative team SVOI 2000 to make a film based on a script of one of the leaders of the Belarusian underground. As a result the first independent Belarusian film was made with a budget of $1000.

2000, It could have been much worse [Moglo byt gorazdo khuzhe] (24) prod. TK Klass
2001, Incident with a guy [Intsident s patsanom] (50) prod. NAVINKI
2002, Suck the banana [Sosi banan] (11) prod. SVOI 2000
2005, Dust [Pyl] (107) prod. SVOI 2000

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